Meet Molly: A Dog Who Has Crate Anxiety and Sleeps in a Crib

Moo, Maddie, and Molly are three rescue dogs living their best lives in New York. However, Molly, a double dapple mini doxie isn’t an ordinary doggo; she has crate anxiety.

“There was this guy with a little dog on a leash,” Molly’s mom shared with The Dodo. “I was like, ’Where’d you find that little dog? She’s so cute.’ And he’s like, ’We’re giving her to the pound because we’re having a baby and we don’t need her anymore.’”

Shocked by the news, she immediately called her husband and told him that they were just going to foster Molly and keep her for a few days. Fortunately, a few days turned into forever. To help her with her crate anxiety they made her a crib so she could see her mom and dad at all times.

“We saw scrap wood on Facebook for free,” she added. “We brought it home, we got a little mattress for it, I painted it. It’s big, so she can play in it. It might be a little extra, but why not?”

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