Meet Mr. Bagel, The Adorable Activist Chinchilla

So, it doesn’t get more wholesome than this. Today, we present to you a tinny, chubby chinchilla named Mr. Bagel. He is 7 years old and comes from the Bay area. He lives with his owner, Steve Byun, who adopted him from an animal shelter. At first, Steve thought he was adopting a bunny… imagine his surprise later on. 

Since Steve and Mr. Bagel share everything, it was only logical that sooner or later they would share the internet connection. Mr. Bagel has his Instagram and Facebook accounts and he loves to pose for pictures where he looks cute or like he’s just doing his everyday errands.   

He is the type of chinchilla that likes to dress up and sometimes nibble on some cables but other than that, the adorable critter is also a committed animal rights activist. His main fight, of course, is stopping animal cruelty and he is mostly campaigning against wearing fur. He says that fur is so last season and you should stop buying it once for all. Every penny that Mr. Bagel makes from his social accounts he and Steve donate it to a local chinchilla rescue place.