Meet Pickle And Onion: The Soulmates Who Found Each Other

Pickle is a five-year-old Stafford from the United Kingdom who was in search for a best friend. Although she was cute and friendly, other dogs always attacked her.

“Pickle was the runt. Nobody wanted her. All her littlermates would also attack her,” Pickle’s mom shared with The Dodo. “She was just special. She loves being the center of attention. We tried to find her friends in the area to play with but all the dogs would attack her. And she was getting more and more lonely. So we decided to get her the friend she’d been longing for.”

That’s when Onion came in the picture. They both connected immediately and soon became soulmates.

“Amazingly, Onion just connected with her. It’s just incredible. It’s so unique,” she added. “They mirror each other. They’ve synchronized. We’ve never seen two dogs so connected. It’s so beautiful to see. She was finally happy and she had that missing piece.”

If you want to follow Pickle and Onion’s adventures, have a look at their Instagram page below.