Meet Scooter: Who Despite Her Illness Lives Her Life to The Fullest

Scooter is an adorable 3-year-old cat whose life wasn’t so bright in the beginning. She was found as a stray when she was only four weeks old and was born with a spinal deformity, which makes her unable to use her back legs. However, it doesn’t make her less worthy of attention.

She got adopted by a medical student named Sam who admits that Scooter made him a better human.

“The nature of taking care of Scooter is that she is so, at times, dependent on me,” he told Bored Panda. “But, I have a lot of gratitude toward her. Just by virtue of her being there and being who and what she is making me learn a lot about what I can do and what I’m capable of.”

The two are constantly going on adventures, which Sam posts on his Instagram profile where he has attracted over 91 thousand followers.

Check out Scooter and Sam below.

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She jumps, she thumps.

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