Meet Shuri, a True Warrior Princess

For all cat lovers out there, today we have an inspiring story about Shuri, the black cat that is taking over the Internet and melting everyone’s hearts.

Simona Serban and her husband adopted Shuri when she was only two months old after seeing an online ad. The adorable black kitten was only starting to adjust to her new home when she got a fever and this was only the beginning of her health issues.

“Just 2 weeks after we got her, she had to be hospitalized because the fever was worse than the first time, her eyes and nose were badly infected,” Simona Serban wrote on Bored Panda. “She was so fragile and weak, she had to be put on IV.“

The kitten also had a fungus and was diagnosed with a serious disease that includes poor blood clotting. However, Shuri was determined to fight her illness and she did! After a year of treatments, she’s now a happy and beautiful cat.

Shuri was named after The Warrior Princess, a character from Marvel’s Black Panther. She really did live up to her name!