Meet Sweet Pea: A Squirrel Who Doesn’t Grow Fur On Her Tail

Sweet Pea is an adorable little squirrel that has a unique look and personality. She isn’t an ordinary squirrel, she was made a bit different than most of her brothers and sisters. Her tail doesn’t grow fur, so she can’t live in the wild with all the other squirrels. Instead, she is living her best life with her human mom.

Miki Farmer has raised Sweet Pea from her earliest days since she was a little baby and their bond is so strong that they have to go everywhere together. The mom explained in an interview for The Dodo that she can’t stand the idea of having Sweet Pea sitting in a cage all day.

“I try to take her with me everywhere that I go. She loves to just prop up on my arm. I always wear something that I know she can tuck into and be close. She has become just the greatest little addition to my life. As long as I have her with me, that’s more opportunity for her to be out and about,” Farmer said.

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