Meet the Adorable Cat Monk From a Cat Shrine in Japan

Cat lovers who are planning to visit Japan in the near future should definitely make time to go to Kyoto and visit a shrine named Nyan Nyan Ji. When translated into English, the name of this place literally means Meow Meow Shrine and just like the name suggests – it’s filled with cats!

The lovely white cat in the picture below is called Koyuki and she’s the head cat monk of Meow Meow Shrine. However, she’s not the only adorable feline that greets the guest of this shrine. There are seven other cat assistants who are happy to play with the visitors.

Koyuki’s owner told Bored Panda that the temple was opened in 2016 by a well-known painter of shrines and temples called Toru Kaya.  The temple is filled with statues and drawings of cats and you can also buy cat-themed souvenirs in the temple shop that’s called “Littlefootmark Ren.”

“Visitors who come to worship play with cats and enjoy cafes and cat art,” said Koyuki’s owner. You can already guess that the food and drinks in these cafes are also cat-themed.

Take a look at the lovely photos of Koyuki below.