Meet the Cat Who Loves Interrupting Piano Classes

Heather Parry decided she wanted to learn how to play the piano, so she hired a piano teacher to start practicing. Little did Heather know that she’d meet an adorable furry buddy, who was also very interested in playing the piano.

Heather’s piano teacher Laura Elliott has a lovely cat named Jasper and he always likes to be the center of attention while Heather’s having her lessons. Fortunately, she’s a big fan of cats and loves having him around.

“I was in love pretty much immediately,” Parry told The Dodo. “Today he was outside in the front garden but plopped in through the highest window when he heard me playing,” Parry said.

Once he hears the piano music, Jasper likes to join the lesson and have some fun. Even though he often interrupts the classes, it seems that all of the students love Jasper.

“This is a huge bonus, and means I can now never give up piano lessons,” Heather said.

Take a look at these funny videos of Jasper playing the piano.

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