Meet the Dog That Has Two Names

Sometimescarl is an Instagram page about a dog named Chase. However, his owners introduced him in a much funnier way. They say that he is 97% of the time a rescue Pitbull named Chase, but when he gets exceptionally weird he goes by Carl.

Except for being cute, the doggo has a very important task; he loves helping his rescue parents raise foster puppies. Chase, or should we say Carl loves being on his back, paws up, imitating a beached whale, or seal.

“He’ll do anything to get comfortable,” his other owner Katie Kaulius shared with The Dodo. “He’s a very chill dog, but the puppies really…test him. They climb all over him, they bite his ears, they bite his jowls…and he doesn’t seem to mind at all. “

Due to his silly personality, Chase changes people’s minds in terms of what they think about Pitbulls. He also has another funny feature; his head muscles contract, which creates a weird pyramid.

“Apparently it’s totally healthy and normal and fine, the vet told us very nonchalantly that his head was deteriorating,” Kaulius added.

If you want to see more of Chase aka Carl’s beautiful face, check out his Instagram profile.