Meet the Group of 6 Samoyeds Who Love Smiling for Pictures

Although Samoyed is a breed of dog that originates from the Siberian region of Russia, this group of six is living its best life in Melbourne, Australia.

Thanks to their playful personalities Samoyeds have become a popular choice for families looking for a companion dog. And Poppet, Demi, Buttons, Poppy, Teddy, and Daisy are well-known in the local and online community thanks to their unique lifestyle.

Their owner is a dedicated dog lover who takes excellent care of her furry friends. She ensures that they receive regular exercise, nutritious meals, and plenty of love and attention.

One of the things that sets this group of Samoyeds apart is their close bond with one another. They are constantly playing and cuddling, and they always seem to be having a great time. They also have a cat sibling called Sam who thinks he is a dog.

In addition to their playful personalities, the Poppet and the Wolf Pack are also incredibly intelligent and also well-behaved, and well-mannered. They are polite and respectful towards humans and other animals.

They often visit their local nursing home, bringing joy to all its residents. And let’s not forget that taking selfies is also one of their favorite activities to do.

Scroll down and check out more of their funny faces below.