Meet Xafi and Auri – The Russian Blue Cats With The Most Captivating Ocean Eyes

Russian Blue is a cat breed with bright green eyes and a short, dense, and silver-tipped “blue” coat.

There are three Russian Blue types, the Scandinavian, the British, and the American type. Both Xafi and Auri belong to the American type.

“We American Types are different in built, coat colour, eye and ear shape displaying a smaller, longer body, light blue to silver coloured fur, wider ears and more rounded eyes,” reads the cats’ official website.

Xafi, aka Miss Nice, was born in April 2016 and was adopted by UK-based Annaken and Tim. The paw-rents felt that Xafi needs a companion so they adopted Auri in January 2017. Though Xafi is a year older than Auri, the cat sisters look like twins as they have grown similarly. Though they almost look the same, their personalities are different.

Xafi is the “cuddly, affectionate and well-behaved counterpart to Auri’s cheeky and naught nature.” Her parents dubbed her as the cuddle Queen. “I love snuggling up in bed with them and sitting on their lap when they work or watch TV. I can play fetch and have never really done anything naughty (until Auri came along…).”

As for Auri, she was the naughty one that’s why she got the nickname “Miss Naughty.” She loves to steal things, shredding toilet paper and attacking blankets and cat beds. She may not be as cuddly as Xafi, but she’s very endearing with her parents, loving afternoon naps with her Mummy.

You can follow their fun journey on their Instagram account or scroll down to see their latest adventures.