Meet Xherdan, the Intimidating, Yet Totally Adorable Naked Cat

When people first meet Xherdan, they immediately feel like they have encountered a villain character from movies. And it isn’t hard to see why. This Canadian Sphynx has piercing blue eyes and not a single hair on her skin, which makes her quite intimidating. However, according to his owner Sandra, the puss couldn’t be a more adorable being.

Xherdan was born in 2013 and since then lives with Sandra, her family, and two other sphynxes in Rüti, Switzerland. She grew up to be the sweetest cat despite the fact that his wrinkled skin and lack of fur can be strange to some people.

However, Sandra says that people actually enjoy petting and cuddling with Xherdan as she has “light pink, soft and warm” skin. This unusual puss is also playful according to his owner, as she “plays and jumps around the apartment” all the time.

Check out more of Xherdan’s photos below.