Meet Yuki: The Adorable Pomsky

An Instagram feed full of cute and fluffy animals will probably bring a smile to your face even if you had the worst day ever. That is why checking out Yuki the Pomsky’s social media account is a must.

The four-year-old fluffball is a mixture of a Pomeranian and a Siberian Husky. But despite carrying the husky gene in her blood, she doesn’t like being in the snow. Yuki would rather have a nice, relaxing swim. According to her mom Angel, the dog came into their life after her first human parents were unable to care for her.

Being Japanese, Angel wanted to bring a piece of her childhood and decided to name her new family member Yuki, which means happiness and snow in Japanese.

“I got Evie and Yuki during my last years of school, and brought them to campus quite often, so they are actually college grads,” their mom jokes and adds that after falling in love with San Francisco, the little family decided to start their new life in California.

Currently, Yuki has over 55,000 Instagram followers. Scroll down and check out her beautiful face below.