Meet Zuu and Bocco – Adorable Fluffy Cats With Round Faces

Instagram is filled with photos of adorable and funny cats, who are ready to make your day better. But if you still haven’t met cats named Zuu and Bocco, you’re missing out on so much!

Bocco is an Exotic and Zuu is an Exotic Longhair and they’re both adorable, fluffy, and have unusually round heads.

Just like all other cats, Zuu and Bocco’s favorite pastime activity is sleeping. Their owner Chika says they probably spend around 20 hours per day sleeping.

“Bocco is a shy boy and not used to strangers, but he loves getting a massage from me and stalks me around everywhere in the house. He also used to be good friends with the hedgehogs that I used to have. Zuu is more open to others and not afraid of dogs that he meets in the park,” Chika said to Bored Panda.

Apart from their unusual looks, these two felines have one more strange habit – they’re so lazy that they won’t even eat by themselves. Instead, they usually wait for their owner to come back home and feed them with her own hands. They’re adorable!

Take a look at Bocco and Zuu’s photos below and follow them on Instagram.