Megan Zaniewski is Celebrating Insects Through Her Stumpwork Embroidery

Megan Zaniewski is a talented textile artist who put her signature stumpwork embroidery style on the map. Nature is her main source of inspiration, and many of her 3D embroidery pieces take the shape of our favorite insects, from bees and cicadas to moths and butterflies.

Zaniewski is a self-taught embroidery artist, who’s been working on her hand-stitched natural portraits since 2018. Embroidery is basically a part of her DNA since both her mother and grandmother enjoyed needlework, sewing, and working with textiles in all their shapes and forms.

She decided to follow in their footsteps and fell back in love with embroidery after giving birth to her daughter. As her skills started evolving she developed her own technique known as stumpwork embroidery and even published a book inspired by this style of 3D thread painting.

Zaniewski’s art is a love letter to nature, and insects are a common subject she explores through her art. She enjoys using her body of work to showcase overlooked animals that rarely get the chance to shine in the spotlight.

“I also really enjoy embroidering less commonly known species, though, because it gives me a chance to learn more about these creatures and share a bit of that knowledge and beauty with others,” she told DeMilked.