Mesmerizing Watercolor Paintings Of Cats

Image by @endre_penovac / Instagram

Throughout history, cats have always served as an inspiration to artists and things are not much different today. Endre Penovac is an artist who was born in Hungary but lives in Serbia who paints incredibly beautiful watercolor portraits of cats. This creative 62-year-old dilutes ink and pigment with water to create a recognizable fuzzy look.

Penovac’s art has been exhibited around the world, from Pakistan to Germany. He’s also holding watercolor workshops and has a huge demand for them. Penovac has received many awards during his career, among which were (according to his website):

1986: Second prize of International book fair, for illustrations-Belgrade
1987: Gold diploma on 6th exhibit of Yugoslav portrait- Tuzla
1989: Award “Moša Pijade” on 12th exhibit of Yugoslav drawing- Zagreb
1990: Ransom award in 6th international biennale of portrait-Tuzla
1991: Award of Forum- Novi Sad
Award on International exhibit in theme “Dynamic”- Budapest
1994: Award of public on Biennale of graphic Senmor (Saint-Maur) – Paris
2013: The 50 works qualified for the 2013 International watercolor catalogue of IWS by the Jury votes