Mia the Adorable Cat Has One of the Loudest Meows You’ve Ever Heard

It can get quite loud at Edgar and Ivy’s Cat Sanctuary at any time of the day. This is thanks to an adorable kitten named Mia, who has one of the loudest meows you have ever heard.

Edgar and Ivy’s Cat Sanctuary founder Anissa Beal met Mia while visiting one of the animal shelters in South Texas. The kitten introduced itself by showcasing its powerful vocal capabilities and charmed Beal in the process. Since Mia’s previous owners abandoned her at the shelter, Beal decided to provide her with a new home in her sanctuary.

 While Mia loved her new surroundings, she didn’t have any intention of keeping it quiet. She continued delivering loud meows, even prompting Beal to think that she might be in some kind of pain. But it turned out that the kitten was completely fine and that being vocal is just part of her personality.

While sanctuary staff got used to Mia’s meow performances, other visitors would often be surprised and believe the cat isn’t doing well. For this reason, Beal had to put up a sign that said: “SHE IS FINE JUST VOCAL.” She later shared it on Edgar and Ivy’s Cat Sanctuary’s official TikTok, unknowingly setting events in motion that would help the adorable feline find a new family.s

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The video of Mia that Beal posted quickly went viral, being viewed more than eight million times in a short period of time. It also made social media users fall in love with the cat, with many of them wanting to adopt her.

Beal was very strict with the applications but ended up finding Mia a perfect new home. The kitten is now enjoying her best life while still being as loud as she can be.