Miffy the Bunny is the Best Big Brother to His Human Baby

Miffy is the fluffiest and most caring five-year-old bunny you’ve ever seen. Born in Taiwan back in 2016, the little critter is described as the tiniest world traveler. He is currently living in NYC with his family, comprised of his mom, dad, and little baby brother.

Miffy didn’t used to be a cuddler. However, when his mom got pregnant with his human baby brother, he immediately shifted and became the cuddliest pet ever.

“When he found out that I was pregnant, he would lay by my belly and cuddle with me,” his mom told in a statement for The Dodo. “When I first got him, he wasn’t really cuddly, but what really made us closer was my pregnancy.”

He was checking if his mom was okay by standing by the bedroom door, waiting for her to wake up. But when little Skay was born, Miffy fell in love at the first sniff.

“I was really worried that Miffy would get jealous, but on the second morning, Miffy jumped next to the baby, he sniffed the baby really gently,” she added.

Now the bunny and the little boy are having the best time. They cuddle together, eat together, sleep together and play together. They are brothers made in heaven!