Mocha is the Cutest Pomeranian Out There

If you’re a fan of Pomeranians, small and unbelievably fluffy dogs that look like the cutest stuffed toys, prepare to meet the newest star of Instagram – a Pomeranian named Mocha.

Despite the fact that she looks like a puppy, Mocha is a six-year-old dog who is always ready to play and cuddle. This furball likes to play all sorts of games, but her owner says that Mocha can also be very stubborn at times.

“Mocha is loving and affectionate. She is always up for cuddles and always likes to be nearby (I will usually find her sleeping above my pillow at night!),” said her owner in an interview with Hello Bark.

“She also loves to play with her squeaky toys (the squeakier the better), going for runs and walks. She loves doing zoomies around the house. She will run around from one room to another and tire herself out.”

Mocha’s gorgeous fur can get knotted very easily, which is why she requires a lot of grooming and brushing on a daily basis.  

Thanks to her lovely appearance and personality, Mocha has already garnered almost 57 thousand followers on Instagram. Make sure to follow and join her on her exciting daily adventures.