Moth & Myth’s Paper Insects Look Incredibly Realistic

Kari-Lise Alexander and Redd Walitzki are the masterminds behind Moth & Myth, and we’ve seen them do amazing things with paper over the years. Their paper art is a love letter to the natural world, and their creations often take the shape of moths, butterflies, and other insects.

Moth & Myth naturally grew out of Alexander and Walitzki’s friendship, and they’re making all of their paper insects from their in-house studio in Seattle. Walitzki’s first batch of paper butterflies served as the stepping stone for their brand, which kept growing after she joined forces with Alexander.

“In 2015, Redd created an assortment of paper butterflies to use for a painting reference. Other artists and crafters responded so strongly to these paper moths and butterflies that Redd began to offer them for sale for others to use and enjoy as well,” reads their official website.

This amazing duo uses state-of-the-art laser-cutting and printing technologies to bring their paper insects to life. They put a lot of effort into researching each specimen to make sure their paper replicas look as realistic as possible, perfectly mimicking their unique shapes and patterns. They’re fully committed to making eco-aware and sustainability-focused products and donating a part of their earnings to environmental organizations.