National Geographic’s Breathtaking Landscape Photos From Photographers Across The World

It’s not a secret National Geographic photos are always refreshing to look at. Candid human moments, fabulous villages, and majestic animals are captured by photographers all around the world. This year’s National Geographic Photo Contest gave talented artists the opportunity to showcase their talents.

Through their images, the photographers gives us the opportunity to travel around the globe through the lenses of their cameras. The contest honored these explorers and photographers by accepting global entries across three categories—Nature, Cities, and People.

For this year, 2019, the grand prize of $7000 went to Weimin Chu for his captivating Winter in Greenland photograph. His picture shows a small fishing village in Upernavik, with brightly colored homes shining brightly amidst the fog and snow.

Other top winners include; Huaifeng Li’s Showtime image, which won 1st Place in the People category and captures actors preparing for an evening opera performance in Licheng County, China. Winning 1st Place in the Nature category, Tamara Blazquez Haik’s photograph of a griffon vulture—titled Tender Eyes— perfectly timed to capture the bird soaring through the skies in Monfragüe National Park in Spain.

Scroll down below to see some of the photos.