New Dachshund Museum Has Just Opened In Germany

Image via Nick Savchenko/Flickr

Josef Küblbeck and Oliver Storz have been collecting Dachshunds memorabilia for over 25 years. They are also owners of these cute dogs, named Seppi and Moni.

Recently, Küblbeck and Storz have taken their love for the long-bodied breed to the next level by opening a new museum entirely dedicated to Dachshunds, the world’s first. The latest attraction, called Dackelmuseum (German for “Dachshund Museum”), is located in the Bavarian city of Passau.

The collection was a way to pay tribute to their favorite dog. “We are addicted to the loyalty and strength they give us, so we collect everything about dachshunds: books, toys, statues in all variations,” Storz told The Dodo.

“We had about 500 pieces to start the museum when we got a phone call from Belgium. A collector offered us 3,500 pieces,” Storz continued. “We jumped at the chance and have the biggest collection in the world now!”

There are 4,500 items on display featuring the sausage dog’s long history and some of the famous fans of this kind of breed, such as Pablo Picasso, Leonard Nimoy, and Albert Einstein.

They said that dachshunds have originated around 300 years ago. They were first bred as tiny hunter dogs and designed to get into badger burrows. The breed became so popular that a dachshund named Waldi became the first official mascot of 1972 Munich Olympics.