Newlyweds Adopt a Stray Dog That Crashed Their Wedding

No one likes the idea of someone crashing their wedding and potentially spoiling their big day. But not all wedding crashers are bad, as a recent viral story from Brazil shows.

Brazilian couple Tamiris Muzini and Douglas Vieira Robert recently had their wedding day crashed by an adorable stray dog. The dog came out of nowhere and decided to make himself one of the honorary guests of the wedding. He sat in front of the church greeting guests, patiently watched over the ceremony, making sure no intruder spoiled it, and then even took part in the photoshoot with the newlyweds.

After the wedding, Tamiris and Douglas couldn’t stop thinking about the sweet canine and the way he made the big day special. So, the couple decided to adopt him and take him in as a member of the family. But this proved to be easier said than done, as the dog was nowhere to be found.

The couple reached out to their wedding organizer Huandra, who also volunteers for an animal-protection organization, to help them out. Huandra reached out to her fellow volunteers, made a plea on social media, and the dog was miraculously found just hours later.

Tamiris and Douglas were overjoyed when they heard the news and didn’t waste any time getting reunited with their wedding guest. They took the dog to a veterinarian, who treated him for a broken paw before introducing him to his new home. 

The dog, named Braiá Caramelo de Jesus, is currently residing with the mother of the bride while the couple is on their honeymoon.