News Reporter and Rescuer Save 2 Dogs Left in Hurricane Florence

Image by @LelandVittert / Twitter

Leland Vittert, Fox News Channel reporter, was covering the devastating aftermath of Hurricane Florence in Chinquapin, North Carolina when he spotted a shattering site.

Per Fox News report, Vittert went out with the local volunteer fire department to survey the wreckage caused by floodwaters, which are isolating Chinquapin from the state, and to look for residents who might need help.

Vittert and volunteer fireman Josh Bergman spotted two dogs stranded on a porch surrounded by water. The reporter believes these animals were left for dead when Hurricane Florence blew in, but luckily, the dogs managed to swim to the safety of the porch.

The dogs, now called Chinquapin and Florence, were brought into the boat and driven to dry land.

“Left for dead during rising floodwaters of #HurricaneFlorence we rescued these guys on @foxnews” Vittert tweeted.

Lucky Dog Animal Rescue has volunteered to care for the dogs and make sure they find loving families. According to the animal shelter, both pups were taken to an animal hospital in North Carolina. Once cleared for travel, the rescue will drive them north and work on finding them forever homes.