Noah Bounds’ Reptile Drawings Will Win You Over With His Attention to Detail

Noah Bounds is a talented artist from Louisiana, but this isn’t his only line of work. He also runs an exotic reptile breeding business with his wife and shares his home with two hundred reptiles, many of which served as subjects in his incredibly detailed drawings.

Bounds was only four when he first started doodling, and his parents decided to support his passion. They enrolled him in art classes at the age of ten, and he went on to explore his passion for illustration, design, and art while studying graphic design at a local college.

Nature has always been his main source of inspiration, and he’s trying to capture its inner and outer workings through his art.

“He gathers inspiration for his work from the workings of the natural world. He strives for his art to capture the intricate and often overlooked beauty of the natural world, whether it be the smallest insect or the most grand ecosystem,” he writes on his official website.

In addition to being a talented artist, Bounds is also a huge reptile lover, who lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma with his two dogs, two cats, and two hundred reptiles. He runs an exotic reptile breeding business Oklana Zoological alongside his wife, and members of their reptilian horde often serve as his muses.