“Not so Wild” is an Adorable Comic About Friendships Between Animals

Not so Wild is about friendship, cuteness, food, fun, and sometimes a little sarcasm. It’s the masterpiece of two guys; author Meganuke and artist Gryphus. According to the author, the comics are for children as well.

“I intend to keep it 100% child-safe, I am myself a parent to a 6-year-old girl so I take this stuff seriously,” Meganuke aka Douglas Grillet wrote on his personal website. He lives in Brisbane, Australia, while Gryphus is from Santiago de Chile.

“I have some experience in art and character design, but in the webcomic world I’m still a newbie, I create the arts for this comic but I also have drawn and authored other politics themed webcomics,” Gryphus better known as Elias Martinez shared on the website.

You can find their adorable comic on Instagram, where they have attracted over 37.5 thousand followers and have thousands of likes on each post.

Scroll down and take a look at their gallery below.