Oshawa Puppy Café Creates Advent Calendar for Local Dogs

Oshawa Puppy Café is a special kind of café. Located in Ontario, Canada, the café is a place for local dogs to come and enjoy some free tasty treats.

Ontario native Amy Gaudette established the improvised Oshawa Puppy Café in 2020 as a way to “spread kindness” during the coronavirus pandemic. She was used to seeing local dogs walk by her house, so she decided to make a stand and stock it with dog treats.

Oshawa Puppy Café quickly became the talk of the neighborhood, prompting Gaudette to start organizing various other activities for her four-legged friends.

“Over time, more and more people found out about us, and it became a place to always visit while on a walk with their dogs,” she explained in a recent chat with The Dodo. “The dogs now know what our café is and pull their owners to our house!”

The dogs will have even more reason to visit Oshawa Puppy Café this holiday season since Gaudette decided to create an Advent calendar in their honor. The calendar is displayed on her driveway and consists of jars filled with dog food and treats. And dogs and their owners can drop by anytime they won’t help themselves.

Gaudette said that the Advent calendar was a huge success and people loved the idea. It will only be around by the end of the year, but she already intends to bring it back during the holiday season in 2023.