Owner Buys Their Dog a Soft Crate and Immediately Regrets It

In efforts to make their pets feel more comfortable in transport, some pet owners opt for soft crates. But as a recent viral Instagram reel shows, that isn’t always a good idea.

The clip, shared by user lifewithmollyandleila, shows a dog named Leila having her first experience with a soft crate as a puppy. Leila can be seen frantically jumping and rolling around in the crate as her owner tries to calm her down.

It turned out that Leila was just too much of an energetic lab puppy to be contained in a soft crate.

“Yeah not a good idea. Leila’s fine with soft crates now, but definitely wasn’t as a puppy,” Leila owner wrote in caption of the video that received more than one million likes since being shared in May.

Soft crates are more convenient for both dogs and owners compared to traditional plastic or metal crates. They are made out of breathable material and are easier to carry around and store.

However, they are a bad choice for dogs that encounter crates for the first time, as shown by Leila’s example. Experts recommend that owners first conduct a crate training before giving soft crates a shot.