Owning Plants as a Cat Owner is Possible… Here’s How

Cat in leaves
Photo by Steffen Petermann on Unsplash

Transforming your home into a green oasis as a cat owner seems like a mission impossible but it doesn’t have to be. Being a cat person shouldn’t stop you from filling your home with lush plants—as long as you take these useful tips into consideration.

Right Choice

Many cats have a habit of nibbling on fresh leaves, so it’s important to opt for plants that are safe for your feline companion. Do your research on any plant you’re planning to buy to make sure it’s cat-friendly and non-toxic.

Proper Placement

Cats have a habit of reaching places you’d never expect them to reach, but that shouldn’t stop you from trying to protect your plants. Put them in places that are out of your cat’s reach or consider using hanging planters and wall pots.

Designated Cat Area

If your home is big enough, you should consider creating a designated area for your cats, filled with cat trees, scratchers, and toys that will distract them from playing with plants.

Cat Deterrents

Putting citrus peels inside your plant pots is a great way to distract cats from coming nearby. You can also put a layer of tiny rocks or stones on top of the soil to stop your cats from digging through the plants.