Pair of Rare Singing Gibbons Rescued and Released to the Wild

The forests of South Sumatra in Indonesia echo with the sound of music provided by a pair of rare signing gibbons. The gibbons Jon and Cimung, belonging to rare Siamang species, found a new home there after being rescued from illegal traders by The Aspinall Foundation.

The Aspinall Foundation shared the story on their Facebook page, revealing that Jon and Cimung are now residents of the newly established dedicated Siamang rehabilitation center in South Sumatra.

“The pair settled into their new surroundings very quickly and were singing within hours of their release, which is a very good sign,” said the organization while sharing several photos of gibbons enjoying their newly-found freedom.

The Aspinall Foundation animal experts will not leave the gibbons on their own just yet and will monitor them for the next four months in order to make sure they get accustomed to their surroundings.

All the gibbon species have the ability to sing thanks to their enlarged vocal sacks. However, Siamang gibbons are considered to have the most powerful vocal capabilities of them all. This makes them a target for illegal pet traders, which is why their numbers have been shrinking in recent years. They are rare to find in the wild nowadays, but the case of Jon and Cimung shows that all is not lost for these beautiful animals.