Pair of Wild Foxes Made Colorado Rockies’ Stadium Their New Home

The MLB’s Colorado Rockies finished their 2022 season back in October and won’t be playing at their Coors Field stadium again until spring. With the park being mostly unoccupied for the time being, two wild foxes decided to make it their new home.

The Rockies revealed the Coors Field’s new tenants on social media and shared several photos that show foxes getting comfortable at the baseball park. They did some stretching, dared each other, and even chilled in the stands for a while.

“We’ve got some new visitors on 20th and Blake! “wrote their social media team. “Introducing, the Coors Field Foxes. “

The pair of foxes was such a hit among the Rockies’ fanbase that the team decided to snap a few more photos and gift them to their social media as wallpapers.

We haven’t been able to find out what happened with the foxes later on. We believe that the Rockies won’t mind letting them hang out at Coors Field for a bit, especially since they are not using the stadium. However, once baseball returns, they will probably be evicted. Unless, of course, the Rockies decide to make them their new mascots. How cool would that be?