Paleorex Imagines the World Where Extinct Animals Are Still Around

Paleoart is a unique art form that brings prehistoric creatures back to life, and Paleorex is one of the artists putting it on the map. He specializes in creating incredibly detailed illustrations of prehistoric creatures that disappeared from the face of the Earth many centuries ago.

This graphic designer and illustrator has been interested in nature and paleontology from a young age, but his obsession with paleoart started growing after he watched BBC’s series Walking with Dinosaurs. Dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures have captured his imagination ever since—and he decided to do something about it!

He now specializes in making vivid 3D renders of prehistoric animals that once roamed our world, imagining what they would look like if they were still around. He’s hoping his illustrations will “offer people a powerful and immediate way to connect with the deep history of life on our planet.”

Paleoart isn’t an easy art form to practice because it’s impossible to accurately depict the long-extinct creatures without a good understanding of anatomy, biology, and paleontology, but Paleorex is taking things pretty seriously. His illustrations are usually accompanied by lengthy captions that dive into the history of creatures depicted in his work, describing them in great detail.