Paraglider Befriends a Black Vulture

People usually think that black vultures are dangerous, considering they eat dead animals. However, the truth is that these birds are quite harmless and can even become friends with humans. One Brazilian paragliding enthusiast Rafaell Vital learned that first-hand.

Vital recently shared a video on his Instagram that shows a friendly black vulture named Uru joining him on a flight. The bird is seen flying alongside his human friend, and at one point, he even rests on Vital’s foot to get some pets.

The clip quickly went viral, getting more than 5 million since it was shared in April, and Instagram users were amazed by what they saw.

“Bro just made the dream of all humans in history to fly with birds,” one person commented.

“I love how there’s mutual respect in each other,” another added.

As it turns out, this wasn’t the first time Vital and Uru had taken a flight together. In a previously-published video, the duo is shown greeting each other in mid-air.

“He was raised from a young age by a paraglider, so you feel the urge to get close, land and pinch the people flying in the Pacatuba. I am not the tutor of the bird. I’m just a friend and admirer of this amazing bird,” Vital shared.