Parakeet Named Cooper is Taking Silly Photos in Human Situations

Parakeets—they’re sometimes just like us… Or at least that seems to be the case with Cooper, an adorable parakeet whose owners are constantly taking photos that show him in all sorts of silly human scenarios.

It’s been five years since Cooper’s owners started an account for their quirky parakeet, and they’ve been giving us comedy gold ever since. In the years to come, they shared countless of photos of Cooper, often putting together elaborate set designs to show him in silly human situations.

From going grocery shopping to playing beer pong and going to a disco party, we’ve seen Cooper do all sorts of human things, ranging from fun to mundane. He’s a pretty photogenic parakeet and we have to give a credit to his owner for managing to take all these elaborate photos without just having him fly off.

Cooper is on top of his game when he’s taking travel photos, and this is one of the most popular series on his Instagram page. We’ve seen him jet off to several pretty popular tourist destinations – from Paris, where he enjoyed eating some classic French pastries including croissants and macarons, to London, where he had royal fun and possed with the Queen’s corgis.