Parrot Owner’s Two Feathered Babies Are Hilariously Cute

Vonnegut is an Indian Ringneck parrot, one who grew famous when he was animated in The Secret Life of Pets 2 movie. If that’s not enough, he also won the title of Australia’s Grates Pet award in 2017. Despite his fame, Vonnegut started to feel lonely. That’s when his mom Anne Smerdon decided to surprise him with a companion named Schiele.

From the first moment Vonnegut saw Schiele, he immediately fell in love and greeted her with an adorable kiss on the head. However, as Schiele started to mature, she revealed her personality as being very dominant while Vonnegut is gentle and submissive. And yet, their relationship still works perfectly.

Their mom explains that people often think birds are easy pets, but parrots are intelligent and need attention and love just like every other animal.

Smerdon wrote The Facebeak Guide to Living with Parrots to share what she’s done wrong in upbringing her two feathered babies, and what she has learned.

“Parrots can be challenging pets to own! If they’re not happy, everyone in the household suffers. And let me tell you there are no ‘noise-canceling’ headphones that will block out an Indian Ringnecks screech,” she shared on her website.

Scroll down and out the little family below!