Parrot Was Mean To Everybody Until He Found His Mom

Chicken Man is a parrot who was so mean that no one wanted him, until he met his mom. He is such a unique bird; he doesn’t have feathers on his chest and stomach.

“He had several foster families and all of them brought him back,” Chicken Man’s owner shared with The Dodo. There was a time when he would run onto my shoulder. And I literary had to lay on the ground [to get him off] and I’d get him to step back off the ground. My family, everyone thought I was nuts.”

And one day while his mom was singing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,” the Chicken Man threw his feathers back and he grabbed his tail and he started snapping and dancing.

“And I said: ‘BINGO!’ We can connect over music,” she added.

Chicken Man now lives with his brothers and sisters and he still doesn’t have any feathers on his front body. His mom loves to share his adventures on Instagram, so scroll down and check them out.