Parrots Goober and Mouse are Breaking the Internet

Goober and Mouse are a pair of rescue caique parrots who became viral thanks to their video where they throw a pair of sunglasses.

“They are very mischievous, playful and temperamental at the same time,” Goober and Mouse’s owner, Makaye, shared on Instagram.

The orange-green duo has their own Instagram profile, where their human shares their hilarious adventures. They like to shower, hold their human hostage for a playground, cuddle, and eat doughnuts.

“Parrots are not for everyone,” it says in their bio. “They live a long time, need constant attention, and can bite/attack.”

Thanks to their hilarious personalities the parrots have attracted a following of over 17.1 thousand followers.

Scroll down and take a look at Goober and Mouse’s adventures below. Do you own a pet?