People are Loving This Guy’s Hilarious Conversation with His Tabby

Mason Glasco and his fellow orange-white tabby called Cooter are well-known in the online community. You might wonder why? Well, the Saint Louis, Missouri-based duo makes hilarious videos where they are having a full-on conversation.

“We just talk, and I can kind of hear his voice in my head and know what he’s saying,” Glasco said in an interview for The Dodo. And you can indeed hear Cooter answering his dad’s questions. But for better understanding, the cat dad decided to add subtitles to his videos.

Glasco explains that he had Cooter since he was a young teenager and that his cat has been his biggest supporter since day one. Today, Glasco is a qualified nurse who works longs shifts. He also works as a model and a comedian.

“Whenever I get home, no matter where I’ve been, he’s always just super excited to see me. He’ll put his paws up on me and be like, pick me up. So I just have to pick him up and hold him, and he’s basically demanding hugs,” he added.

They currently have almost 240,000 Instagram fans and on their TikTok, they have over four million followers with 110.9 million likes.

Check out some of their hilarious conversations below.