People Are Sharing Their Cute Encounters With a Hawaiian Monk Seal

The Hawaiian monk seal is an endangered species of earless seal that is endemic to the Hawaiian Islands.

These animals prefer warm subtropical waters and they move to land to breed and haul-out on the sand, volcanic rock, and corals. They eat fish, crustaceans, eels, and cephalopods, and other benthic organisms. They are rendered as extinct by large-scale hunting in the 19th century, and they are still considered as endangered up to this day.

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the population of these monk seals have slightly increased from previous years. Though the increase is minimal, this is already a great achievement for a species with a small population.

So this means that we can see more of these mammals in years to come. People are sharing their amazing encounter and their photos proved the Hawaiian monk seal is one of the most adorable mammals you’ll see today.