People Stopped Traffic in Brazil to Help a Huge Snake Get Across the Road

Seeing a huge snake trying to cross the road would be alarming in most parts of the world, but in Brazil, it isn’t such a big deal according to the latest viral video captured near city of Porto Velho.

The video shows a huge anaconda trying to cross the road and getting a badly needed help from humans. Seeing that this magnificent snake could get killed before making it across safely, group of people decided to get out of their cars and stop the traffic on both sides of the road.

Then they waited for the snake to safely get on the other side before resuming their trip. You can check out the entire thing in the video below.

“We decided to stop the car and get out,” – Italo Nascimento Fernandes told The Dodo. “There are no signs for the cars to wait so she can cross. I have seen snakes run over on the highway before, and think such thing is a crime.”

“It’s not everyone who protects animals like that. Some people prefer to see them dead,” – he added. “Seeing all the people help gave a wonderful sensation.”

This unselfish action was also met with praise by biologist Flavio Terassini who estimated that the snake was 10 years old and that it would be probably dead if these animal lovers didn’t step forward.

“People did a good job of stopping traffic in order to stop it from being run over,” – Terassini told G1 Globo.

Here is another video of the anaconda’s road cross below.