People Who Work With Animals Are Sharing Their Adorable Photos

Image via wanderlust_linhnguyen/Instagram

There are millions of animals who are in dire need of love and help but most importantly, a new home. Volunteers are indispensable to animal shelters especially those who are overloaded and underfunded.

People who volunteered in shelters are sharing their experiences, showing just how fun and rewarding it is to be working with animals. Seeing these adorable photos may motivate you to go and help out.

But volunteering is not just cuddling these cute furballs, you will be asked to do all kinds of tasks such as fundraising, admin works, and even cleaning the poop.

Here are some of those cute and inspiring posts.

You would never guess that this girl was beaten and scared when she came in today. She's so scared she's chewed off all the hair on the bottom half of her body. Everytime I stood up she would cower away and wouldn't stop shaking for hours. I stayed with her talked with her and let her know how loved she already is. By the end of the day she couldn't stop loving on me and wanting to sit with me and follow me around, she's become my girl. I did her intake and the only name that kept going over in my head was Annabelle and I swear the second I called her that she knew that she was valued ❤ • • • • #community #animalshelter #animlaslivesmatter #animalshelters #adoptdontshop #animalshelterlife #animalshelterlove #giveback #grateful #dogsofinstagram #dogsofinsta #shelterdogs #myboy #dogkisses #shelterdogs #shelterlife #volunteerwork #animalsheltervolunteer #givebacktothecommunity #givebacktotheanimals #lovemyjob #workinghard #puppiesofig #puppiesofinsta #shelterpuppy #adoptdontshop

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Here’s a failed attempt at taking pictures with one of my shelter pups. This little guy is very stressed out at the shelter and as a result has lost a lot of weight. He’s such a sweetie and would be the perfect companion for anyone. If you live in the Bay Area and are looking for a pup I got just the one for you. 💞 – Anyways…What does that have to do with fitness? Yeah yeah I’m getting to that 😅 – If you are just starting your health and fitness journey or are even in the best shape of your life, volunteering at a shelter is the perfect way to add a little more active time into your day. I walk anywhere from 3-5 miles every time I go. This is great for me but also for the pups! I’m giving back to my community and am also adding 2 or more hours of activity into my day. It’s a win win for everyone.

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Maybe I'm a cat person 😉 #throwbackkkk#animalsheltervolunteer#shelteranimal#weekendfunstuff

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"The teamwork of all the incredible people involved in rescue is what really blows me away- their compassion and empathy for the animals is huge. I've chosen to dedicate my time to making a difference in the lives of animals, whether it's fostering a dog or educating someone about the importance of spay/neuter, it all makes a dent in the overwhelming problem we chip away at. Getting to see the transformation of a scared, traumatized dog to seeing pictures of them with their new family smiling and happy is simply so rewarding." Shyann and Rosie: Downtown Dog Rescue #weallneedshelter #findingshelter #makeportraits #rescue #dogsofinstagram #mutt #animalsheltervolunteer #animalshelter #rescuedog #shelterdog #volunteer #pit #pitbull #volunteeryourself #downtowndogrescue @downtowndogrescue

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