Petra Heider’s Illustrations Will Change the Way You Look at Whales

Whales have been fascinating artists for centuries, and Petra Heider couldn’t resist their charm. She’s the mastermind behind the Instagram page Una Kritzolina, and she’s presenting whales in an enchanting and whimsical light, changing the way we look at these fascinating creatures.

Heider is a brilliant artist based in Graz, Austria, and she’s been making waves with her watercolor paintings for quite some time. We’ve seen her explore many different subjects through her art, but the aquatic world often takes center stage in her paintings, and whales seem to be her favorite creatures of all.

Heider has been celebrating these gentle giants for years, and her drawings have attracted over 120,000 followers to her Instagram page. Her watercolor paintings will take you underwater, and they’re inviting you to explore the endless mysteries of the ocean and the many amazing creatures that inhabit its deep waters.

Whales are having the time of their lives in Heider’s drawings, and there’s literally nothing they can’t do. They can carry whole worlds on their back, from homes and lighthouses to trees and corals. Heider enjoys changing our perception of the gentle giants, and she often draws them surrounded by flowers, wearing sweaters, and even flying.