Photographer Captures Adorable Cats Posing On Two Legs

Swiss photographer Alexis Reynaud recently captured one-of-a-kind portraits of cats posing upright on their two feet.

“This idea came about while watching my cat’s movements. At that very moment, I thought that he was the reincarnation of Puss-in-Boots,” he wrote on his website.

The series, called Standing Cats, shows a new charm to the beauty of cats. “An otherworldly catwalk: meet a dancer, an imp, and even a movie star. In a velvet case surrounded by light, this feline creature goes beyond its primal instincts and looks at us with scorn.”

The series displays the feline’s natural behaviour as well as their appealing characteristics. It features over forty feline models standing straight on a stage. Reynaud expressed his gratitude to all the cat owners who allowed their pets to be involved in this fun project.

“I give my warm thanks to all the cat owners and breeders, who trusted me in this adventure. Without them and their adorable cats, this series would not have existed.”