Photographer Captures the Happiest Little Puffin

23-year-old photographer Harry Read was thrilled to capture a photo of a happy puffin bird and share it with his followers on social media. He explains that the photo quickly went viral and has been shared with more than 16 million people since he published it. The adorable portrait is below.

“After staying for 2 weeks on an island off the coast of Wales in the Atlantic Ocean, I was lucky enough to get an intimate look into the habits of the characterful Atlantic Puffin,” Read teold Bored Panda.

“After a week of visiting the same area of the island each night, I realized that if I laid still for long enough, the Puffins would display a unique behavior. Being naturally curious and characterful little seabirds, if the Puffins wandered close enough, they would catch a glimpse of their own reflection in my wide angle lens! I allowed the wild Puffin to spot itself in the lens glass before it moved closer and closer to investigate. When only an inch away from the lens, the bold little bird tried to peck its own reflection!”

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