Photographer Documents The Amazing Love Story of Her Parrotlets Birds

Image by @freyaeverafter_ / Instagram

Parrotlets are charming, intelligent, and lovable birds. That’s why photographer Rupa Sutton decided to document a love storybook between her pastel parrotlets, Winter, Sprig, River, and Rain.

These cute little parrots love to cuddle one another and Rupa captures the sweetness of these lovebirds. Observing them through a macro lens reveals many details such as their little tongues, tiny eyelashes and their stunning colourful feathers.

According to Rupa, “interacting with them has brought so much joy and laughter into my life.”  And what she enjoyed the most about sharing the photos of her birds is the inspiration it gave to other people, making them smile, and allowing them to see a place where birds find true love.