Photographer Takes Amazing Photos Of The Frozen Baikal Lake In Siberia

Meet photographer Tomasz Wozniak who shows the beauty of frozen Baikal Lake. The project which he has named Songs of Ice has more than 30 photos.

In March 2019 he had an opportunity to visit Russia where he spent two weeks discovering the vast area of a frozen lake. In Siberia, he was able to feel how wonderful and unpredictable nature can be. He was amazed ice could would look so beautiful, yet so delicate. What initially was a getaway trip later turned into a photographing adventure.

After he discovered the frozen lake, he couldn’t keep his camera down. He had discovered a unique world of frozen water and wanted to document everything. He took photos of unimaginable ice formation made from crystal water and spectacular shapes and spikes inside of ice caves.

Everything looks different with its own shape and style. After uploading the photos on his Instagram page, people couldn’t get enough of the frozen beauty.

Check out the beautiful photos.