Pickles the Pig Ingested Rat Poison and Another Pig Saved His Life

Pickles is an adorable little pig and a true internet star with more than 103,000 Instagram followers. He lives with his mom and dad in San Francisco, California. However, sadly, he got really sick after a trip to New York City. His parents rushed him to the hospital where the vets figured out that he had ingested rat poison and that he had only six hours to live.

The devastated parents couldn’t accept that so they started looking for a pig who would do a transfusion.

“So the search was one I was like, where are we gonna find a local pig, get permission to borrow it for a blood donation and then rush it to Davis within 6 hours?” Pickles’ mom told The Dodo and added that the search began on Craigslist. After a couple of attempts, they found Tickles.

The transfusion was done and Pickles’ life was saved. Unfortunately, they couldn’t offer Tickles their home, so they found an animal sanctuary where he is living his best life.

To see Pickles’ adventures, check out the gallery below and follow him on Instagram for more images.