Picture of Two Sharks in a Glassy Wave Goes Viral

Australian photographer Sean Scott captured an amazing shot of two sharks within a crystal-clear wave while shooting in Red Bluff in Western Australia.

This is a remote location off the shore of the Indian Ocean, great for taking photographs because of the captivating nature. Scott was lucky to have been there in a perfect moment.

Once he arrived in Red Bluff, the photographer spotted a giant black spot near the shore – it was a large school of fish. He immediately started following and taking pictures with his drone, when he realized that the fish had attracted around 200 sharks. He quickly prepared the equipment and started shooting this interesting “dinner party”. That’s how the incredible image of two giant sharks in a wave was made.

“The shore break was quite large so the first wave came and I fired off a test shot to get my exposure and focus right. The very next wave rose up right on the shore, and sure enough, there were 2 big sharks in excess of 2 meters in the wave. I snapped away and ended up with 3 of my favorite shots. I stayed and waited for a further 2 hours and did not see them in that close again.”

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