These Pictures of Cute Baby Bunnies Will Make You so Happy

Image via bluecloverrabbitry/Instagram

Can there be too much cuteness? We don’t think so! These fluffy little bunnies that fit in the palm of your hand are cute enough to make all bad things go away.

Blue Clover Rabbitry is a rabbit breeder from the Pacific Northwest and they share the most adorable photos of baby bunnies on their Instagram profile. The owner and operator, Adriana, explain what they do on their website. “We handle our bunnies from day one when they are born. It is not dangerous for our bunnies to be handled when they are newborns because our rabbits are domesticated and we have a very strong bond. They will not reject their babies like wild rabbit mothers would do.”

Scroll down to see the photos.

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You are stronger than you know💕

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