“Pixie and Brutus” Comics Will Make Your Day

“Pixie and Brutus” is a well-known and popular comic about the amazing adventures of a lovely duo – a kitten named Pixie and Brutus the German Shepherd. It’s created by artist Ben Hed, the brain behind the popular webcomic called Pet Foolery.  The fans of this unusual dog-cat duo will be happy to hear that Hed recently released 8 new “Pixie and Brutus” comics.

Hed already has more than 2 million followers on Instagram and 15,000 supporters on Patreon who all love following the adventures of Pixie and Brutus. It’s interesting that people love and relate to his comics so much, and the artist said that he never expected it to be such a hit!

“I just thought it would be funny if a tiny, joyful kitten met a big scary war dog. I had no intentions on making it a series, but people liked them so much, I had to make a second one, and people went nuts over that one too…so now I’ve made seven,” Hed explained how he came up with the idea for comics in an interview with Gossamer Rainbow.

Take a look at his artwork below and make sure to follow Pet Foolery for more fun comics.